Watersports Goa ✔ Trending Goa Offers ✔Scuba Dives, ✔Dudhsagar, ✔Island Trips - Amazuy

Watersports Goa ✔ Trending Goa Offers ✔Scuba Dives, ✔Dudhsagar, ✔Island Trips - Amazuy

Watersports Goa ✔ Trending Goa Offers, ✔Scuba Dives, ✔Dudhsagar, ✔Island Trips, - Amazuy

Watersports Goa ✔ Trending Goa Offers Plan your holiday in Goa with ease,

Here are some tips & Thrilling watersports, activities details

Holiday in Goa is incomplete if water sports are not included in your plan.

Reason: Watersports Goa ✔ Trending Goa Offers, Goa is famous for beautiful beaches and crystal clear sea water, ocean water, and milky waterfalls locals calls it Dudhsagar ( Milky Ocean, Waterfalls) therefore Goa is the perfect place for watersports. Its best place for water sports because of weather also, the weather of Goa is perfect for water activities.

Thrilling Travel and tours trending Goa offers, We offers many exciting water-sports tours in Goa including ✔ Scuba Dives, ✔ Grand Island trip, ✔ Dudhsagar waterfalls tour, ✔ kayak surfing, ✔ snorkeling, ✔ kayaking ✔ fly-boarding, ✔ parasailing, ✔ ringo ride (tubing), ✔ water ski, ✔ banana ride, ✔ rafting, ✔ speed boating, ✔ wind surfing, ✔ jet ski, ✔ fishing with angler, ✔ water skiing.

Watersports Goa ✔ Trending Goa Offers ✔Scuba Dives, ✔Dudhsagar, ✔Island Trips - Amazuy

Lets explore details of Thrilling Watersport activities of Goa:

1. Scuba Dives

Trending Goa Offers ✔Scuba Dives, ✔Dudhsagar, ✔Island Trips, ✔Watersports - Amazuy

Activity Details: Scuba diving opportunities include fringing reefs, deep drop-offs, wrecks, walls, caverns, tunnels, pinnacles or open ocean seamounts. Scuba diving is now among very popular leisure activity for tourists in Goa, as it does not require much formal training before you jump in the water and it is a really exciting activity giving unforgettable memories and emotions.

Diving enthusiasts from across the world arrive specially to experience the stunning marine life and the exhilarating adventure water sports that Goa has to offer to the outside world.

2. Grand Island trip with snorkeling

Grande Island Trip Trending Goa Offers ✔Scuba Dives, ✔Dudhsagar, ✔Island Trips, ✔Watersports - Amazuy

Activity Details: Experience the exquisiteness of the underwater world in the clear, magical waters of the Arabian Sea on this unique snorkeling and island trip tour in Goa. Take a unique tour off the coast of Goa as we dive into the crystal blue waters of the Arabian Sea! Delight in a double treat of untying exotic charms of Bat Island along with a fetching experience of snorkeling in Baina Beach, Goa.


After picking you up at your hotel, we'll head to Goa's pristine beaches, letting you enjoy top-notch snorkeling as you head out from the shore. The waters of Goa abound with exotic, tropical fish of every conceivable color and variety, and this is your chance to swim among them in this kaleidoscopic wonderland.

Watersports Goa ✔ Trending Goa Offers ✔Scuba Dives, ✔Dudhsagar, ✔Island Trips - Amazuy

3. Dudhsagar waterfalls Tour

Dudhsagar waterfalls Tour

Activity Details:  At Dream Adventure we take you at best places as part of our South Goa tour including waterfalls, towns, beaches, temples, churches etc. South Goa is the more peaceful part of the state of Goa, and for many tourists that’s the main attraction. There are lesser activities and very few bars, clubs or restaurants, but most importantly the beaches of the south are cleaner, whiter than and not as filled up with people as those in the north.


Watersports Goa ✔ Trending Goa Offers ✔Scuba Dives, ✔Dudhsagar, ✔Island Trips - Amazuy

4. Kayaking Amazuy

Kayaking Amazuy

Activity Details: Kayaking is definitely considered as one of the best-known water sports in Goa and is a hit among international and local tourists. Visitors will find a plethora of Kayaking tours in Goa to choose from. Kayaking involves moving across the water in a uniquely shaped boat which can accommodate not more than two people at a time. The best places for kayaking in Goa include the backwaters of the Zuari, Mandovi and the Sal backwaters; the alluring waters of Nerul River is also considered ideal for Kayaking.

5. Speed Boating Amazuy

speed boating

Activity Details: Speed Boating can be quite a thrilling prospect for those who has a fondness towards speed and adventure. It offers one of the best water rides tours in Goa. These boats can reach speeds up to 15 to 20 mph and the individuals going for these rides are provided with mandatory life jackets and are always accompanied by instructors and guides.

5. Banana Ride Goa

Banana Ride Goa

Activity Details: In Goa can enjoy an extensive array of water sports that this place has to offer. You would indeed be spoilt for choices when it comes to having a pick from amongst the list of Water Sports in Goa. Sailing, water surfing, parasailing, fishing, windsurfing, scuba diving and dinghy sailing are some of the famous Water Sports of Goa. However, nothing would match the fun of Banana Boat Rides in Goa.


6. Rafting Goa

rafting goa

Activity Details: Rafting is an adventure activity where you sit in an inflatable raft and navigate through a body of water that is generally not calm hence the term “Shoot the rapids”. This activity is usually done on whitewater where the speed of the water creates turbulence (rapids). Maneuvering is usually done with oars for better control. You will have an instructor with you and there is high safety so you won’t have to worry about anything, especially if you are a first timer.


Watersports Goa ✔ Trending Goa Offers ✔Scuba Dives, ✔Dudhsagar, ✔Island Trips - Amazuy

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