Seo Backbone of successful business website - Amazuy News

Seo Backbone of successful business website - Amazuy News

Seo Backbone of successful business website - Amazuy News

The most important part is seo and therefore the search engine optimization charges are quite high.
Why Reason: a person has to look and work online hours and hours to optimize the website, creating back links etc. and that is why seo is always costly because life is a period of time. Fact that we all know is "time is money". someone giving his / her time to certain things means he/she is giving his/her life's energy and time to it. The in-fact there is no free lunch available on this planet earth, So do no expect anything for free or in a cheap price. The world is a give and take market, If you give love you get love, if you give value to other's hard work, other will value your business and that is how a successful business grows

Here are few magical SEO answers

Seo Backbone of successful business website - Amazuy News

What is SEO?
Search engine optimization or SEO in short, is a set of rules for optimizing your website for search engines and improve your search engine rankings.

It is a great way to increase the quality of your website by making it user- friendly, faster and easier to navigate.

SEO can be considered as a complete framework since the whole process has a number of rules (or guidelines), a number of stages and a set of controls.


Why is SEO important?
In today’s competitive market, SEO marketing is more important than ever.

Search engines serve millions of users per day looking for answers to their questions or for solutions to their problems.

If you have a web site, blog or online store, SEO can help your business grow and meet the business objectives.

4 Important things to keep in mind for better Seo

  1. Unique content
  2. Check if your website / plugins are all updated
  3. Check search console if there is any security issue
  4. Make sure you are spending time on Search engine optimization

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