More Than 194 UFO sightings were reported in Washington state last year - about one every 52 hours on average

More Than 194 UFO sightings were reported in Washington state last year - about one every 52 hours on average.

More Than 194 UFO sightings were reported in Washington state last year - about one every 52 hours on average

More Than 194 UFO sightings were reported in Washington state last year - about one every 52 hours on average, according to the National UFO Reporting Center.

That's greater than the 160 observations reported in Washington in 2018, and reflects a worldwide upturn in sightings of "unidentified aerial phenomena," as the U.S. military now terms these reports.

The National UFO Reporting Center, based in Davenport, Wash., receives reports from all around the world, but says it makes no claims as to the validity of the information in any of these reports.

“Obvious hoaxes have been omitted, however most reports have been posted exactly as received in the author's own words," the center says. "We hope that this information will prove to be useful to the general public and the UFO community at large.”

The center reports that Washington state has the third-highest number of total sightings in its database, behind California (No. 1) and Florida (No. 2).

The reports from the Evergreen State are diverse. Many described triangular- or cigar-shaped objects, spheres, lights, disks, fireballs and even formations of multiple objects.

The reports came from all over the state at all times of the day and night. Some sightings lasted only two or three seconds while others continued for several minutes or, in rare cases, an hour or more.

Some excerpts from those reports:

- March 24 nighttime sighting of pulsating orange light off the Washington coast at Ocean Shores: "I could see a particularly bright red pulsing light stationary towards the west over the ocean. I (awakened) my wife and I told her she has to see this. ... By the time she got up and was observing it it had doubled in magnitude. ... This was orange red and it began pulsing. We both were in amazement. ... After several minutes of it getting progressively brighter, all of a sudden it got very bright then completely just vanished. I am a retired school teacher and my wife a real estate agent and are rational people but this was as clear as it could be. We have not seen anything like it before over the ocean at night here at our beach home."

- Jan. 13 nighttime encounter with a "17- to 20-foot tall alien robot" at a large business campus in Federal Way: "I was sitting in my car while my dogs were out for a run. ... About 100 yards away, I saw colored lights high up in the trees. In that same glance I saw my dogs very rapidly, running back and forth while jumping and running repeatedly. ... I could tell it was something standing (that) I quickly concluded was some kind of machine or a robot. ... It had a large round red light in the center of its head. ... On the right side and a bit lower was round medium dark blue light. On the left side was a green light and a white/yellow light. ... The robot was taller than the trees. ... The robot was looking for something and it swayed gently from side to side with each step."

- Feb. 28 sighting of a multi-colored triangle in Lakewood at about 4 a.m.: "I was outside with my dog (when I see) a light hovering behind the trees. ... It slowly starts moving out from the trees and its orange, blinking quickly. Suddenly once I had full view it started blinking a weird pattern of green and red, and moved to the east of me behind a building. Five minutes later ... I see a very bright light approaching me super slowly at tree top level, it flew right above me ... and it was a triangle. It had a red and green flashing light ... and it almost looked transparent, if all lights were off you wouldn't be able to see it. ... I've never seen anything like this before but I got a warm feeling from it, no fear. Welcome our visitors with love, don't be afraid."

- May 18 daylight sighting by a couple of a black craft near Fife: "I turned my truck towards the south and we immediately spotted a black craft moving strangely. It was shaped like a cell phone, kind of rectangular. It was falling like a leaf, then shooting forward for a distance before coming to a stop and spinning. When it would shoot forward, it would move very fast and come to a stop without noticeably braking. Just an instant stop. It would then fall like a leaf again, swaying side to side and slowly dropping, before shooting forward again. While we were watching this, another object appeared. A silver sphere. ... I turned the corner, parked again and could not see either object again. I saw neither leave."

- May 31 nighttime sighting of of an orange orb and a "human like greenish thing" in North Seattle: "I just witnessed a bright orange orb or ball across the street from 24th Ave. NW and 95th Ave. About 1:30 a.m. I walked out to have a cigarette, looked to my right, saw the orange light object at roof level and then as I watched, a streak of a grey/green human shape leaped into it from the side and then it vanished. I felt like something realized it was being watched so it stopped whatever it was doing. ... Anyway, it has me shaken up. I feel like I saw something, like a shooting or a kidnap, and I know that no one will believe me. Since I'm the only witness to this."

- June 7 daytime sighting of a "shimmering wing shape" traveling at ultra-fast speed near Port Angeles: "I was standing on the back deck, with a beautiful, mostly sunny day. ... Something caught my eye, coming from the south, moving very fast! By my calculations, it traveled from directly over my house, to east of Victoria, B.C., in two seconds! Made a 90-degree turn and headed towards Whidbey Island. ... There seemed to be a shimmer around what looked like, a wing shape, with no fuselage visible. ... The leading edge of the wing appeared dark. Looked like a flying wing. And jet engine noise. The estimated distance traveled in two seconds was fifty miles!!!"

- Aug. 13 sighting of an "ambient glowing cloud sky ghost" over Tacoma just after midnight: "As I was driving I kept an eye on it because it just seemed so out of place. ... What caught my eye is that it was changing shape, almost dancing in a very graceful way around the top of the moon. I’m not religious but I could say it looked like a huge angel. ... It wasn’t a solid “craft” or “vessel” of any sort but something that could be literally not of this physical world. ... I’m not on anything, I saw this completely sober. I’ve never seen anything like it. ... We really don’t know what’s going on up there."

- Sept. 7 nighttime sighting of a circular object in the clouds that followed a husband and wife as they drove home near Rochester: "As I made the second curve, I almost wrecked the car! I caught sight of the craft just to the left of me and a bit ahead. ... You could see 6 white lights rotating in a pattern and 4 red lights that spun, then the white lights ran to the inside or center of the craft, made a star formation, then reversed direction and made a circle around the center star like light. ... As we parked, the craft stopped and hovered. ... There was no engine noise at all! ... We got the dogs out of the kennel ... they had been raising holy hell, and were frantic! ... As I walked up the road I looked and saw at least 25 rays of light pointing up to the sky, they were like spotlights and were bouncing all over the place! ... I am still shaken up, and just a bit afraid they will come back."

- Oct. 2 sighting of a fleet of triangular craft by a father and son as they were seated around a campfire at night in the Port Orchard area: "The entire formation moved as one and traveled sideways. Each triangle appeared to be separate. There was nothing visible that connected them. ... There was no sound. It seemed to move with great speed. ... There were no lights we associate with aviation. The only light was a white-yellowish glow coming from each triangle."

- Oct. 12 nighttime sighting of 25 to 30 white pulsating objects by a retired firefighter and his wife in University Place: "The objects seemed to rise into view from the north and proceed in a relatively quick manner to the south. The objects made no sound. ... Where we live is near Joint Base Lewis McChord and we are very familiar with the various aircraft that fly in the area skies. ... These objects were not rotary or fixed wing aircraft using the regular flight paths. ... This event lasted for about 10-12 minutes and consisted of approximately 25, to as high as 30 objects."

- Nov. 30 nighttime sighting of a bright circular object emitting rays at about 2:20 a.m. over Redmond: "Woke up looking out window with open blinds. ... (Observed) very bright (appx 4x more than Venus) light emitting six to eleven rays. ... Woke up wife/partner. Asked her to stand up and report what was seen outside. Both (of us) viewed something never seen before. Both sober. Both viewed rays from object moving as if defying law of gravity. Only white in color. Only watched for appx 30 minutes."

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