Fascinating Serou God's own village in Manipur 22/05/2018

Fascinating Serou God's own village in Manipur

Photos seems to be so unreal because many of us have never seen such places before. There are many of such unbelievable beautiful places in Manipur. Some places look like places from other planets. Luckily serou is  still a magical place for tourists.

If you are planning to visit serou do not forget to carry swimming costume, towel ectra dresses etc., because after seeing the fascinating chakpi river's crystal clear water, and bluish breathing beautiful stream you cannot stop yourself from swimming

It is always a good option to take a bath at this River before reaching serou, because as per the belief of local people " Serou is a Sacred Place"  there are temples which are very famous, people also believes that wishes can be fulfilled, if one visits serou's temples.