#2 Safety Tips For Travelers Travel Goa India Trending 06/08/2018

#2 Safety Tips For Travelers Travel Goa India Trending

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Is it safe and ok to buy clothes and other products from road side vendors in Goa?

Yes it is ok if you want to use it or very sort time,

I have come across many people who were disappointed after buying the things in Goa from roadside vendors

because they wanted to use it for a long period of time.

another thing roadside products are roadside products whether in Goa or any other part of the world.

Minus point about roadside products, if you want to return or exchange it, it will not be possible, you may be in trouble.

Is it safe and ok to believe anyone in Goa when you are in Goa for Holiday? 

Yes, if you are not desiring to commit any illegal activities.

As a travel blogger, I would like to give one tip ( Advice)  to all the traveller.

Please ignore people who say that they can provide some illegal service,  and they will ask you to advance money  for that

once you pay them they will run away, and you will be very disappointed, but after all, you cannot share this kind of incident's story with your family members and legal authorities, because it is your fault too, you have thought to commit illegal activity, and you were ready to spend money, time, and energy for unauthorized and illegal service.

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Date 21-08-2018